Friday, July 31, 2009

Begonia 'Scentsation Mixed' : A Hit with the T&M Staff

This past March, we were so excited to find out The New York Times wrote an article mentioning Begonia 'Scentsation Mixed'. Several employees decided to grow the tubers for themselves and have gotten wonderful results.

I'm happy to report my begonias (shown above) have a delightful lemon fragrance that wafts onto my porch every morning. There's about 4 flowers open so far with another 6-8 flowers waiting in the wings.

Kathy L. , from our accounting department, has these Begonias peeking out from her backyard containers:

We'll post more photos to come we they become available. We're hoping that Begonia 'Scentation Mixed' is available in the 2010 catalog! (coming out in the fall) If you have any photos, please show us them!!

Happy Gardening,

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