Friday, August 7, 2009

Thompson & Morgan's UK Trial Ground Open Weekend

Every year we carry out extensive trials to assess possible new introductions and ensure the varieties already in our range are still performing at the highest level. As well as seeing the new and exclusive varieties for our 2010 range, visitors to our Trial Open Ground Weekend in the UK also get a glimpse of newly developed experimental varieties, some of which have not been seen before outside of the trade.
This year over 10,000 people visited our UK Headquarters last weekend. If you couldn't catch a flight out of town to see if for yourself, don't worry! Enjoy these exclusive photos.

The Flower Tower (shown above) stands over 40 feet tall and was created entirely out of petunias planted up in our flower pouches.

As you can see in these photos, every square inch of space is covered .

This wall, much like the flower tower is created using our flower pouches.

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