Monday, July 20, 2009

T&M Gardener Success Stories

Here are just a few more T&M Garden Successes we received this week.
- Simon in our home state of New Jersey, sent us this great video of sunflowers he grew with our seed. We can't believe how tall they are! Click on the photo below to see the video.

- Elaine from Terrace, B.C. Canada e-mailed us these wonderfully spectacular photos. The first two are Eschscholzia californica "Strawberry Fields" (#6260):

Elaine also had a bonus surprise in her garden - this wonderful mystery poppy shown below.

This poppy was sown from one of our seed packets, in wildflower corner with the hopes of a prolonged flowering period. We just love the white edging and pink blooms. Our horticulturist, Susan can't stop talking about them!

We want to know how our seed is doing in your garden. And if you'll let us, we'll post your photos just like Simon & Elaine. Many thanks to them for letting us share their photos.
You can email us your photos, videos & stories by clicking here.

Happy Gardening to All!

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