Friday, May 1, 2009

Paul James & My Weekend Wish List

A gardening friend to many and a familiar face on TV, Paul James has launched a new website Gardener

It's chock full of funny and helpful advice, frequently asked questions, a tip of the week, Paul's blog as well as a forum to chat with other gardeners. Show him some love and check it out!

This weekend, our local cooperative extension here in New Jersey is having their Master Gardener plant sale. Although the weatherman is calling for overcast skies and rain, I'm more than prepared to dig out the Wellies and trug through the mud.

On my wish list - tomatoes & peppers. Since I live so close to the ocean, most homes have a sandy soil mix. Thank goodness for container gardening! Last year, I had a less than stellar tomato crop. A tall plant with few fruits and a lot of flowers. After a nice chat with Susan, our horticularist, she put me on the right path. I'm a somewhat new gardener (the irony of working at a seed company is not lost on this) so let's chalk it up to a rookie mistake shall we?

Whatever you choose to do this weekend, here's to a good one!

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