Thursday, April 23, 2009

Growing a Green Roof

photo courtesy of National Geographic Magazine

For city dwellers, there's little access to soil (and space) for flowers, veggies, herbs, etc. So what's a city gardener to do? They reach for the sky!

In my mailbox last week was a copy of National Geographic Magazine's May issue . They profile 'green roofs' which are not really a new concept in Europe. For instance in Basel, Switzerland green roofs are mandatory on all new flat roofs. However, the green roof movement is gaining strength here in the states. Not only do they add some color to the canvas of a city, they are beneficial by reducing heating & cooling costs as well as giving animals a place to call home.

The photo gallery includes some really beautiful and different styles of green roofs. My personal favorite is this converted bus shelter in San Francisco. Sure beats looking at advertisements while waiting for your morning bus, don't you think?

photo courtesy of National Geographic Magazine

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