Tuesday, September 4, 2012

When Growing Flowering Plants From Seed

A lovely ensemble of flowers is something every gardener wishes and longs for. Growing flowers from seed is one of the most economical and effective way of fulfilling that desire. A vast variety of flowering plants, both perennials as well as annuals can be cultivated from seed, that too, at a healthy pace. Growing flowering plants like Sunflowers, Marigold and Roses from seed is relatively easy, and is fast becoming a popular practice. The reason lies in the market prices of young plants, which is often more than a hundred times the price of individual seeds! Also, gardening from seed allows one to grow even those varieties that aren’t easily available at the local garden centers.

Most seed packets come with labels bearing details of the care and conditions the seeds require. Commercially available starting mediums are ideal for sowing your plant seeds. Moisten the mix at least an hour before sowing. The sowing depth varies with the type of seed and should be in accord with the details on the seed packet. Water lightly after sowing and cover with a plastic sheet or dome. Most new seedlings are pretty identical. It’s hence advisable to label the containers when sowing. Irrigate regularly to fulfill the seeds’ need for moisture while making sure not to over water. Once the seeds germinate, remove the plastic cover. Seedlings generally require ample sunlight for growth. You can use fluorescent lamps or other artificial means to provide the seedlings with the desired amount of light and temperature conditions. Start fertilizing the plants when they’ve grown at least 2 sets of true leaves. Use a good quality fertilizer and feed the plants once a week. You can also remove the young plants to individual pots in order to facilitate the hardening process. Start by allowing the plants a couple of hours in a sheltered spot of your garden. Increase the duration of their time outside over the course of about 2 weeks before transplanting them into the garden.

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